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Salesforce Advanced-Administrator Exam Questions

An administrator has created a change set to include a validation rule and three custom fields in their personal sandbox. When clicking the button to upload to production, no target organizations are available.

Which two options should the administrator check?

Choose 2 answers

Answer : B, C

A team is assigned to standardize processes across internal teams for Salesforce Knowledge. The team finds it difficult to effectively group the articles due to the slightly different verbiage used by each of the Support teams, which makes searching and search results inconsistent.

Which two customizations should an administrator use to allow for a better experience when searching?

Choose 2 answers

Answer : A, D

Universal Containers' Support team is growing globally, and the manager has inquired about implementing Omni-Channel. The team supports multiple products that require complex expertise across multiple languages.

Which routing option should the administrator recommend to ensure the right cases get to the correct agents for resolution?

Answer : A

Cloud Kicks call center agents have given their manager feedback that It takes too long to find relevant articles to answer questions on customer cases. The call center manager has asked the administrator to improve suggestions displayed to agents in the Knowledge component on Cases.

Which setting should the administrator use to meet the requirement?

Answer : C

An administrator at AW Computing needs to limit access to Salesforce. Users should only be able to read on objects, but they should not be able to interact with the database in any way.

Which two options could the administrator use to accomplish this?

Choose 2 answers

Answer : A, C

Sales leaders at Ursa Major Solar would like to be able to calculate forecasts based on megawatts.

How can the administrator create forecast types based on a megawatts measurement?

Answer : B

What deployment tool allows an administrator to validate metadata during package installation, instead of during package version creation?

Answer : D

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