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Microsoft 98-361 Exam

Software Development Fundamentals

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Based on Official Syllabus Topics of Actual Microsoft 98-361 Exam

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Microsoft 98-361 Exam Questions

You have a server that limits the number of data connections.

What should you use to optimize connectivity when the number of users exceeds the number of available connections?


Answer : D

You are creating an application that presents the user with a Windows Form. You need to configure the application to display a message box to confirm that the user wants to close the form.

Which event should you handle?


Answer : D

Which type of application has the following characteristics when it is installed?

Runs continuously in the background by default when the startup type is set to automatic

Presents no user interface


Answer : C

You are creating an application for a help desk center. Calls must be handled in the same order in which they were received.

Which data structure should you use?


Answer : A

You have a class named Glass that inherits from a base class named Window. The Window class includes a protected method named break().

How should you call the Glass class implementation of the breakO method?


Answer : B

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