Study4Certify offers high-quality products designed to allow candidates to better understand the real exams they may face. We strongly recommend that you try the "demo" of each product that we offer "free" so that you can always be sure of the product you are purchasing.
To further increase buyer confidence, we offer a money back guarantee, in case you are ready to use our products but do not pass your desired exam.
We strongly believe that the materials we provide are valid; We offer you a 100% money back guarantee. If you don't see the effect after using our prepared materials, we will refund your payment in full. Nothing to ask.
But it should be noted that this "warranty" is to ensure that the Study4Certify product is free from defects and that we deliver on our promises. Obviously, we cannot be held responsible for mistakes made by the candidate, for example: not taking the exam. Therefore, in order to avoid fraudulent refund claims and provide perfect service to our loyal customers, we have developed a policy on this, and we hope to share it publicly with all customers and visitors, because it is the best for you.

Payment Refund Procedure:

Our "payment Refund procedure" is very simple, we will ask you to provide the following information:
Send us a scanned copy of the "Certificate of Enrollment" in the certification exam, that is, we must know when you register for the exam.
Send us a scanned copy of your grade/score report. The order number of the product you purchased from us. Name and payment method
For a refund, our email:
This will either be a refund of the funds or you will be recommended to purchase new products that can help you pass the exam. You will get your refund payment within 7 business days.

Payment Refund Policy:

In order to protect ourselves from scammers and continue to provide money-back guarantees for loyal customers, we want to ensure:
Candidates prepare for the exam and spend at least 14 days studying our materials.